The Last of Us Part II: Neil Druckmann talks about Ellie, the enemies, the systems

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Now dated 21 February, The Last of Us Part II will enter a perilous phase of communication during which we must talk about the game, show it, without spoiling the experience in advance. An exercise in which lent Neil Druckmann, game director of the title.

The latter has indeed long spoken on the Playstation Blog, where he began by quickly return to the choice of Ashley Johnson for the role of Ellie, before returning to the evolution experienced by the character of the first opus until ‘to the one to come, and especially what drives her on a quest for revenge:

“In the first game, she tries to find someone to count on. She tells Joel “everyone I knew died or left me, all but you.” She clings to Joel. Dina becomes the best friend she has in years, they flirt with each other, but Ellie is not sure where this girl is at this level. Ellie, meanwhile, wants to rectify the situation by bringing to justice those responsible (the tragedy she has lived), even if she must act alone.

On the side of the enemies, Duckmann evokes the infected ones that one already met in The Last of Us, but insists on the new arrival, denominated Shambler. This type of enemy is an evolved version of the first infected, acting mainly alone, and able to spread a cloud of gas burning the skin and making blind. The addition of dogs has also been a way to expand the possibilities of human enemies:

“Dogs are a way to evolve human enemies to give them a new meaning. They can count on the sense of smell, and as Ellie moves, she leaves behind a trail that fades over time. But if the dog finds it, he can find it wherever she hides (…). But there is something about killing a dog that makes you feel worse than when you kill a human. “

Regarding the bewildering number of people eliminated in Naughty Dogs games, Druckmann explains that it is not realistic, but it is necessary to maintain the tension:

“Ellie could not kill so many people in real life, but we need that number to create tension. The tension is more important than a realistic number of bodies. “

After talking about the fact that enemies all have names and communicate in a more sophisticated way to reinforce the immersion, which was what Karaaj was talking about in his preview, Neil Druckmann looked at the case of fighting and infiltration:

“We wanted to have complete sequences in which you could be spotted, engage in combat and escape without completely cleaning the area. Also, we wanted even more footage that you could go through like a ghost. It is very hard, but it is possible to leave these areas. Then there are certain situations in which we want you to be fully committed, we want you to take part in certain actions that will make you feel uncomfortable. But that’s part of the story, about Ellie’s trip. “”

Finally, he returned to the ambition to open the game areas, and the desire to make the characters as credible as possible. On top of that, we do not learn anything special, but statements about these aspects are available in the interview.


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