Red Dead Redemption 2: First screenshots of PC version and bonus content detail

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n addition to its PC configurations, which were revealed this afternoon, Red Dead Redemption II unveils its first image on its new medium, as well as the bonuses inherent to this version.

Regarding pre-orders, these are already open, and players who choose to buy in advance will be entitled to:
_A horse of war
_An Out-of-Law Survival Kit
_A treasure map
_Cash for the story mode
_50 gold bars for the world Online
_A free update to the special or Ultimate version
_2 games from a selection of 6.

But it is far from being everything, since all the players who will buy this version, anytime, will be able to obtain:

_3 new premium hunts: Herman Zizendorf, Camille de Millemont, Bart Cavanaugh
_2 new gang haunts: The Del Lobos at Gaptooth Breach and Solomon’s Folly
_2 new treasure maps
_New mission entitled “To the Ends of the Earths” asking to recover herbs with several rewards at the key

_M1899 pistol – semi-automatic
_Evans Repeater – from Online Mode
_High Roller Revolver revolver double-action coming from Online
_The Mat Revolver – revolver firing shotgun cartridges from Online

_Warped Brindle Arabian – fast and fragile
_Few Spot Appaloosa – ideal for long trips
_Perlino Andalusian – Specialized for hunting (Red Dead Online)
Red Chestnut – (Red Dead Online)
_3 variations for wild horses: Buttermilk Buckskin _Kentucky Saddler, Liver Chestnut Morgan, and Palomino Tennessee Walker

_Patte de falcon: slows the endurance drop at archery by 30%
_Cat’s eye: permanently improves the duration of fortifying effects by 20%
_Dent shark: improves the charging speed of the life gauge by 10%
_Bec raven: Gives 10% more ammo during searches

Red Dead Redemption 2: Launch Trailer


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