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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 228: Launch Date, Spoilers & Preview
The thriller behind Terano Minani’s violence begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 228, with Terano changing into a gangster. It was revealed that Terano was raised in Brazil. Terano ...
Tower Of God Chapter 514: Launch Date & Spoilers
The revival of White’s powers begins with Tower Of God Chapter 514, with Rak and Khoon saving Bam. The chapter begins contained in the management room the place a man is engaged on one ...
Black Clover Chapter 310: Launch Date, Preview & Spoilers
The key behind Yuno’s Star Magic begins with Black Clover Chapter 310, with Yuno preventing Zenon after getting knocked out. Black Clover has been on this duel since Zenon gained new ...
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163: Launch Date, Raw Spoilers & Recap
Itadori Yuuji vs. Mysterious Geezer Sorcerer begins with Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163, with Yuuji buying and selling blows with an unknown Geezer that not too long ago arrived to avenge ...
Decagon House Murders – GN 2 Review
After which there “Decagon House Murders” have been six…and shortly thereafter 5. The countdown has very a lot begun for the scholars on Tsunojima, and in the event, you did ...